Honouring Our Military

As Canadians, we are honour-bound to ensure that the men and women who serve, and their families, have the best support available to them – while they serve and when they return home.

Embracing Pride

Members of a Garrison Community Council are proud of the efforts of the men and women of this national institution, as they represent Canada around the globe.

Celebrating Our Proud Heritage

Keeping our history alive by celebrating the contributions of those who have helped build Canada into the nation we all share.

Remembering the Sacrifices

The Garrison Community Council provides a supportive link for those who serve and those who wait at home. It encourages citizens to become engaged with relatives, friends, and neighbours, of those who volunteer to serve our interests at home and abroad.

The Garrison Community Council reaches out with projects that demonstrate to all members of the military community that their sacrifices are appreciated.

In Flanders Fields

Memorials That Honour The Sacrifices of Our Men and Women in Uniform

Memorials and Cemetaries Overseas

Canadians have served around the world in the cause of peace and freedom. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice and are honoured in hundreds of different cemeteries and memorials.