The Garrison Community Council Bursary Programme

A core activity in GCC support to the serving Primary Military Reservists in our Region is the Garrison Community Council Bursary Programme. Through this annual initiative, we provide direct financial support in the form of a grant to Primary Reserve personnel, who are enrolled, or, are preparing to enrol, in a post-secondary education programme. Since 2012, we have provided a total of $52,850 to 58 deserving young servicemen and servicewomen.

Personnel must apply to receive the bursary. It is a competitive process. A candidate’s application will be assessed on merit. The funding for the bursaries comes from within GCC resources and, as available, donations received from industry and outside sources. The amount of the grant and number or bursaries awarded change from year to year. In the recent past, the amount has been $1,000 to each successful applicant. The bursary may be used for any educational purpose in support of the post-secondary training. The programme will continue in 2024.

In addition to the grant, successful bursary applicants may qualify for one of three additional awards:

  • The Honourary Colonel Tom Lawson Award. This award is given to the bursary recipient who makes the most noteworthy contribution to charitable work in the Community.
  • Professor Emeritus Don Bondy Award. This award is given to the bursary recipient who, while pursuing post-secondary studies, demonstrates a commitment to future service in the Primary Reserve and/or the Regular Force.
  • The Col Bill Pettipas Award is given to a Bursary Recipient who demonstrates positive leadership ability in a structured and/or non structured environment (Military and/or civilian setting).

Reserve military personnel enrolled with HMCS Prevost, the units of 31 Canadian Brigade Group in our Region, and the three sub-units outside of our Region whose unit is Headquartered within the Region, are eligible to apply for this financial assistance. (See the map under the Military in Our Region tab). GCC Bursary recipients are not eligible to reapply in any subsequent year.

Reservists of the following UNITS and LOCATIONS are eligible to apply for the bursaries:

  • HMCS Prevost
  • 31 Canadian Brigade Group HQ
  • 1st Hussars (London, Sarnia)
  • 31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins) (St Thomas, Waterloo)
  • 31 Signal Regiment Detachment (London)
  • 4th Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (London, Stratford)
  • 31 Service Battalion (London, Windsor, Hamilton)
  • 31 Military Police (London)

Bursary Application Process

The Garrison Community Council is pleased to offer a Bursary Programme in aid of academic advancement of Reservists belonging to the eligible Units and Sub-Units of HMCS Prevost and 31 Canadian Brigade Group. It is important to realize that the bursaries will be awarded to the most deserving Reservists as determined through the competitive assessment of applications.

In order to maximize the opportunity for each applicant, he or she must make certain that the application is completed correctly, fully and punctually. All supporting documents must be well-written and with as much appropriate detail as necessary to highlight the qualities of the applicant. All signatures must be in black or dark blue ink. The application package must be submitted in electronic format only.

The application must be in a package that encompasses the basic application, supporting documents (e.g. letters of reference), checklist, etc. in an appropriate electronic format (Word Document or PDF Format). The application package must be submitted to:

The submission deadline is: 11:59 PM FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2024

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Bursary Application

Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged within 48 hours of being received. If acknowledgement is not received as indicated, contact Philip Dean, Chair of the 2024 GCC Student Bursary Programme at

Application Checklist

The application package includes a number of criteria (e.g.: name, contact information, letters of reference, etc.). As part of the application, there is a checklist that confirms that the various components of the application have been correctly completed and are included in the application submission. The checklist must be initialed as indicated and included in the submission package.

Please keep checking the GCC website for updates to the 2024 Bursary Programme.

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Click on images below for Bursary Application and Checklist.
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