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Starbase London

Historical Perspective: STARBASE London began in April 2005, at Wolseley Barracks and HMCS Prevost ; STARBASE London was planned by the Garrison Community Council, the Area Support Unit at Wolseley Barracks and the Thames Valley District School Board.

The program would not have been possible without the dedicated support and assistance provided by the 1st Hussars, 31 Brigade, Diamond Aircraft, Empire Aviation, General Dynamics, HMCS Prevost, the London Children's Museum, Nav Canada and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. Bill Bryce, Jennifer Parker and Jeff Major of the Thames Valley District School Board were instrumental in designing the curricula.


Program Description: Instruction in science, technology and mathematics featuring hands-on experiments and computer simulations; emphasis on respect for self and others, personal responsibility, self-esteem, teamwork and goal setting.

Goals: Ontario industry is experiencing an acute shortage of skilled workers. Simultaneously, the high school drop-out rate is increasing. We introduce students to technological careers through a youth program that focuses on science, mathematics and goal-setting skills. We reach additional teachers and students through teacher training clinics.

Students: Grade 6 students in London and region. The student classes for the program will be chosen by the local school boards. We have tailored our five-day curriculum to replace five days of the Grade 6 curriculum.


  • Develop a positive student attitude toward learning.
  • Develop a positive self-concept and enhanced self-esteem.
  • Provide students and teachers with an exceptional learning center for math, science and computer activities.
  • Provide teachers with follow-up activities for use in the classroom to reinforce the STARBASE curricula.
  • Create partnerships between military, industry and education to enhance math skills, science abilities, computer skills, and observe the application of their current studies to the workplace.
  • By observing workers in technology and by introduction to the concept of apprenticeships, we hope to decrease student drop-out rates.